Thursday, March 11, 2010


The last week here has been wonderful!

It's been warm, and for the most part SUNNY!!!

I was able to do a lot of clean up outside.

My lavender around the cauldron seems to attract all the leaves in the neighborhood! So I made sure to take special care and remove the leaves for the spring! There a quite a few bulbs planted within the lavender, and leaving the leaves there would cause them to bloom late!

So with the help of a garbage can, I cleaned up all the garbage. Took almost an hours to clear that one patch, but I was sitting in the sun, clearing leaves and hummmmming! LOVE THE SUN! (also keep a keen eye out for spiders and lizards... but didn't see even one! Lucky me!!!!!)

I also opened my storage bench, and took out the large bucket of cow doo, and gave every plant, and planter a jolt of good old fashioned dung! I'm sure they will appreciate it!

I also hooked up the hose, took the winter snood off of the faucet, and got it all hooked up to start watering.

I didn't get to the front of the house, yet, but I did take time to "fluff" up the much over the bulb beds, to make it easier for the tulips and daff's to come up!

Next nice day (according to the weather report, may be a week away... due to rain) I'll get the front yard fixed up.

Tomorrow I go and pick the boy up at school for his Easter break, so I have a few things lined up for him to do! Poor kid!!! GIGGLE


Lyn said...

I've given you an award :-)

Mama Feoneafey said...

Sounds like you had an absolute wonderful day in the garden and sun! Hope you have many more while the boy is home!