Friday, March 26, 2010


With the health care package in voting, I've been hearing a lot about our government.

They regulated us smokers.. to keep others healthy
They regulated what fast food places could sell keep us healthy
they are putting tax's on soda... to keep us healthy

And I could go on about other things, like the fact they are doing NOTHING about DRUNKS!!! Heaven forbid they should take a stand on booze!

But, that's not all they are regulating....

People wonder why I'm not ranting like everyone else about the loss of our freedoms.....I just don't see it.... you can still DO all that stuff, you just have to adapt to doing it differently.... right?

No problem, I'm good at adapting

But what you don't hear is the total control of your life..... yes total... the government did this to me!

My hubby died in 1995 while in employ of the Federal Government. They were good allowing me to collect and annuity (actually his pension, after 21 years with them, but they don't call it that... they call it a "death benefit"

It's keep me going all these years, and though not much, I've managed to survive with it.... for FIFTEEN YEARS!

But what most people don't know.... is that I, being a healthy adult female, would have loved to get in a relationship, and even marry again.... BUT I COULDN'T!!!

That's right, COULDN'T!!!

The federal government said that if I married again, before a certain age, I would LOSE that annuity!!! Yes, I know your shaking your head at that.... but they even sent out a letter every year, asking if you got married again... so they could stop paying me!!!!! And of course checking on it with government forms and such, like my tax's!!!!!

Now, 4 years ago I received a nice letter from them.... telling me I had reached a certain age, and I now have their PERMISSION to MARRY AGAIN!!!

After 15 freaking years!!!!! Who wants to get married again????

So when the government says they are taking away your freedom, and your choice in foods and such.... just remember me, and the fact they took away any chance of happiness I had..... and maybe you won't feel so bad?


The Frog Queen said...

I would say I am suprised....but I am not.