Sunday, March 07, 2010

More Spring stuff!

I couldn't wait!!!

I dragged the patio set out of the car, piece by piece, and put it together. Only the table needed to be put together, the chairs were folding chairs.... so it was mondo easy!!!! I sat for a while, and enjoyed it, but the wind is still to wild to sit out for long!! And, while it came with an umbrella (not shown) it didn't come with the umbrella stand, so I'm going to have to buy one. Not a biggie, most stores carry them!

Moved the swing to the other end of the patio. Still need my son to move one large Blueberry plant away from the swing, but he comes home in 5 days... boy am I going to put him to work!!!

Put the cat's sling back chair, back in the window. Can't use it in the winter cause the window stays open a tiny bit. He was VERY HAPPY to see it back in the window, and lounged around watching me put up the patio set! Please! Don't mention the bulge of cat hanging over the seat.... he's very sensitive about his weight! :)


Rue said...

Wow - your yard sure looks different from a month ago! I can't believe all that snow finally melted! So nice to see the patio set out!