Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gathering stuff

I gather all my spring stuff on my dinning room table. There is an ashtray for outside, and sitting in it is all my Marigold seeds (I plant them with my veggies to prevent buggies from getting to them!)

Copper solar lights (wal-mart $3 a lite!!!) Big basket of summer flowering bulbs... so many different types I can't name them all!!! But Big Lots had bags of assorted summer bulbs for $8 bucks each!!! Got 2 of them!

My tin crab.... so cute! In the background, smaller basket of seeds, veggie, and flowers. I love Cosmo seeds! The only seeds, besides marigolds, that I plant and forget... and they grow and grow and grow!

Hiding in back is my Froggie Watering Can that my girlfriend Barb go me for my birthday! And my pretty Hot Air Balloon humming bird feeder

So far that's all I've gathered together, but the pile will grow as I check out closets and the storage shed for more of my summer stuff!!!