Monday, March 22, 2010


I looked outside this morning and it was raining!

A week ago, this would have sent me into major depression!

But after spending a glorious week outside, cleaning, planting, digging, soaking up the sun, more digging, more cleaning...

All I can say is "thank you Goddess!"

Rain means no compulsion to go out and work some more.

My back is sore, my arms, my legs.... well, lets just say ALL of me is SORE!!!

I've got a mild sunburn, my inner solar batteries have been totally recharged... and because of the rain, I can stay inside, lounge around the house... and RECOVER!

Never thought I would say this.... BUT LOVE THE RAIN! GIGGLE


halloween spirit said...

Rain is always easier to appreciate after a week of sunshine :)

Rue said...

Oh please Judith, send some rain North! It's very dry here right now. Lots of sunshine, and I'm not complaining, but we'll have a problem this Summer if we don't get some Spring rain soon!