Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring has sprong.. or RUN the Giant ants are coming!!!!

Every one has their own sign that Spring is coming. Mine is the sound of the New Jersey Tree frogs!!!

Little know fact, in the 1950's movie "THEM" the sound the giant mutant ants made were sounds recorded of N.J. tree frogs!!!

And being a kid when I first saw that movie... IT FREAKS ME OUT TO HEAR THEM!!!!

But the first time the frogs sing, it means the end of winter.

So, even though I get chills, and imagine those Mutant Ants sneaking up on me.... I still stop, and hear them knowing spring is HERE.... then I shudder like crazy and run inside!!!


Kiki's Cauldron said...

I love this little information on frogs! I love frogs and toads, and this just made me smile. Where I live the frogs are singing like crazy, and I am pleased to hear them sing about the coming spring!