Friday, November 19, 2010


I just wanted you all to know, the spells and such I print here....

Copy them, use them, print them on your blog!!! I feel the more people who do the correct spells, the better the world is!

What I give, I give freely.... what you take, your welcome!

And you don't have to mention me.... or my blog when you do so. The spells are for everyone!


SpiritWings said...

As one who is newer to this path, I appreciate your kindness. I have enjoyed your blog very much.
I have even taken some of your idea's and started using them!!
(started my container/pot for composting today!! sooo excited about it. Thanks so much for the idea. Gonna put red worms in them too, to help speed up the process!)
Blessing =]

Diandra said...

That is very kind of you. Most people in the blogging world are rather - uhm, protective when it comes to their spells. However, the wording "the correct spells" got me thinking... are there incorrect spells? I thought they were merely more or less effective. ^^

Judith said...

OH NO! Diandra, there are "incorrect" spells... believe me, since I've had them done for me and to me! Just look at my cute little kitty.... the spell was for a MAN, not a kitty.... and I got all I asked for in a cat instead by using an incorrect spell! sigh, maybe I was better off... but still.... LOL

Diandra said...

*lol* Oh yes, that's a problem... you get what you ask for, literally, not the way you had it planned in your head. That way, I ended up with a stalker once... that's something every witch has to learn. The spell itself, however, was quite effective, only my intention was not clear... *g*

Leeanna said...

Thank you sweetie.