Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I'm so tired of people who.....

I'm so tried of people who no longer keep the old Christmas traditions alive!!!

I love sending out Christmas cards!!!!! I love picking them out, and taking the time to address them, and send them in the mail!!!

I love getting them!!!!! The ones I get I use to decorate my house!!!

But, people, now a days, are so DUMB! They give up the old traditions!!!! Why???

Today I went out and bought my cards, and signed them, and addressed them and stamped them to send out after thanksgiving. I feel it's special, and lets my friends and family know I still care, and love them......

But most of them won't return the favor!!!!

My sister was screaming at me over the phone, "I'm not sending cards this year, so don't send me one!!!"

Well, you know what.... FUCK YOU!!! I'M STILL SENDING THEM OUT!!!!

And if you send me a computer card... I'M NOT GOING TO OPEN IT!!!!

Take the time people, to keep the old traditions, and send out a pretty card to those you love..... believe me, it's worth it!! No matter how lazy they have become!!!

And any of my lady's out there want a card.....

e-mail me at witchbythesea@gmail.com, with your address..... And I'll send one out to you too!!!!

They have kitty's on them this year!!!!!


Ellie said...

You know what though, Judith...It's for everything I've noticed. My family...even stopped sending birthday cards! Or if I didn't send one (because hell it would never occur to them I couldn't or that maybe there was another very good reason I didn't) they wouldn't send one back or not send the next holiday or year.

I remember my mom used to decorate our doorways in out apartment with our christmas cards. When I got older and was on my own, I did the same. These days, it's barely enough to decorate a fireplace mantle and certainly not equal to what I would send out.

I hear ya though, why don't people want to keep the simplest of traditions. Not everyone can receive an e-card either. I will be keeping it up though, even IF I don't get any back.

Mother's Moon's Message said...

I know exactly what you mean Judith. I went out and purchased my cards today also... At least the first batch (60 +) I dont care if no one returns the favor, although I love when they do. And no form letter please I like the simple handwritten message.... You go girl... it is the fossils like us that will never let the tradition die...

SpiritWings said...

So true!! I send them out every year no matter what. Even in the "lean" years I still send them out because I think it is important. Maybe just like the others, it was always so special to get them and hang them around doorways and such. I remember as a kid going thru them and being amazed at all the different ones. Now...I consider it a good year if the bookcase shelf is lined with them.
I am glad to hear that there are still a few of us out there who have the passion to continue with this wonderful tradition!

Leeanna said...

I love sending out Christmas Cards. It makes me feel my holiday season is complete. To me it's like sending a bit of love to warm their days. Judith I would love to get one from you if you will let me send one to you too, and anyone else who would like to receive one. Just email me your address and if you want to send one to me I will send my address back to you.

Diandra said...

I like sending out christmas cards, but I'm rather old-fashioned and prefer letters to emails as well. I don't care or count who sends one back... I am happy if I get cards and put them up in the flat until January.