Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Quick and Easy

I love doing spells, but sometimes they can be a drag!

You have to be alone for a while, you have to cast a circle, the way you dress, and say the spell has to be just right!

How many Witch's have the time for that???

Between kids, phones ringing, hubby's, and all the many distractions that life brings.... when do you have time to do all of this and still have a sacred time to do spells??

This was taught to me by my Grandfather. Quick and easy.... just the preparation takes time.

Go buy a fat, short candle. Nice and big, but not tall. Take time to think about the spell you want cast.... and then shorten the spell.

Ex: a spell to find a new job can be long... and rhyming can be a pain... so take the main idea of the spell. IE: new job, happy, good pay.... etc.

And using a pin or another sharp object, write those words around the bottom of the candle about a 1/2 inch from the bottom.

Once you get this part sorted out, and it takes a while to be sure of what you going to say...... the concentration you put on the spell to shorten it, and then engrave it into the candle... is your will... you've actually cast the spell, but it's dormant still.

Now, on your dresser, or alter or where ever it's safe.... cast a small circle.. just big enough to fit the candle in... depending on the size of the candle, 10 inch's should be fine.... easy to cast such a small circle.....

You can do this just by putting a ring of salt around the candle, and envisioning the casting of a circle.

Fast, easy, done.

Now each day, at a time you pick, even more then once a day.. you can do it 3 or four times a day...(but only keep the candle lit for an hour at a time!!).... reach into the circle, and light the candle... saying:

I cast this spell.... as I will, so mote it be!

Then walk away.

The burning of the candle engraved with the spell will automatically keeps casting the spell for you over and over and over.

When the candle burns down to almost nothing.... the spell will be cast!!!

This may take a few days, but because your casting it over and over, the spell will be 10 times stronger then if you just do it once!!!!

And no mess, no fuss, you don't have to sit there with it.

But just be sure it's in a secure location, and a safe one.... no need to burn down your house..is there? GIGGLE


Sus said...

This life is indeed a busy one. I read somewhere.... of a witch who used birthday candles... to do her magical workings... small, compact, quick and they come in every color.... the candle is dressed with oils for intention and it allows total focus of energy while it burns. This has been working for me... I have even made a portable kit so I can do my workings anywhere.

Mother's Moon's Message said...

that is a nice compact method. I like it... liked the idea of birthday candles as well as like Sus said they are compact and portable.

Judith said...

I've never been one for "dressing" a candle. I don't think "dressing" oils work, or are worth anything at all. The time it takes to shorten the spell, and engrave it on the candle is what makes it strong! I'm 5th generation, and there was never a mention or anything of "dressing a candle with oils" in all of my teaching. I guess it's a "newbee" thing... not of the original teachings

Autumn said...

I'm loving the fact that someone else sees the uselessness of "Dressing a candle". I use the same method as you but I use votives and I usually put a token at the base of my candle, like a ring of coins around a candle for a money spell or rose petals in a ring for a love spell w/ the ring of salt around that. I believe that taking the time to engrave the candle helps charge it and makes the spell much stronger than saying a pretty little rhyme over the flame. Blessings...

Melz said...

I love the idea of a shortened spell. Between raising a three year old and everything else, I don't seem to have the time for myself to cast a big circle. I usually only get a big circle with my Mum and friends about once a month. I have heard of "dressing with oils" but never have. Although I have carved into a candle to strengthen the spell, and then used a corresponding oil around the candle (Like lavender for sleep.) But I love the idea of multiple casting with one candle.

Diandra said...

Sometimes I do "on the spot spells", where I simply collect a bunch of energy, concentrate on what I want to achieve and then release the energy - it can be quite effective (in fact, I guess I killed my notebook with that a few weeks ago - or it may have been the electricity spirit thingy that's living with us). The downside is that you have to be very sure on what you want to achieve, or you may get unexpected effects!

(This is something that is avoided by elaborate spells. Raw want or need may be stronger, but you really get what you ask for...)

Diandra said...

Oh, and after reading the comments... I don't think there is much of "original" witching going around anyway. There may be traditions (some older, some younger), but most of the things we need are made up on the spot, and maybe they stay with us and maybe they don't.

Jeanne said...

This is the method I have used from the beginning. Learned from my Mother. I've never been one for much ceremony.
I have enjoyed my visit to your part of the world. :0)