Thursday, November 18, 2010


I just realized that I've been blogging for 6 years going on 7!!!!

How the F did that happen???

I don't remember doing it for that long!!!!


ms lilypads said...

you know the old saying...Time flies when you're having fun (I love to blog and blog hop, too).

Lady Cattra Shadow the Scarlet Cat said...

Like Ms Lilypads said "Time flies when you're having fun" I enjoy your blog - I look forward to making it that long

Cellar Door said...

Six going on seven?! Wowza and Congratulations! If Halloween was still just around the corner, I would suggest you go dressed as the Energizer Bunny!

Again, Best Wishes!
Cellar Door

VintageSage said...

Oh my goodness!! You have been blogging that long? I bow down to you. Lol! It's only been two for me ( I think three). Well that's how it happens. TIME FLIES! Lol! Congrats!