Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jersey Shore

I was just talking with my sister, about the scummy TV shows on now.... using Jersey and the Jersey shore as their title.

Real Jersey housewives
Jersey shore
and some slimy one about hair dressers!!!!


They are all transplants from New York, or Staten Island....

but NONE of them are actually born and raised in New Jersey!!!!!!

It's bad enough we have to hear crap about people from Newark, but now they are trying to show the whole of N.J. filled with New York TRASH!!!!!

We DO NOT act like them, we DO NOT look like them!!!! And I'm pissed off they are ruining the reputation of New Jersey by portraying us with those N.Y. scumbags!!!!

Tell it like it is people! Let the people watching this crap that those people aren't real New Jersey people!!!!!


Linda in New Mexico said...

I kinda know how you feel.....a lot of folks east of the Mississippi river think I live in a foreign country and no matter how many times you try to tell retailers (the folks that work for them) that no, I do not have to pay for out of country rates, I live in New Mexico, it is the 48th state, they just don't know.
I couldn't imagine anyone really believing that people in New Jersey all act like the
ones on TV. But like one columnist said....New Jersey has taken the heat off of the south now for strange people....uh what? We're all different, but real life on one hand....uh TV on the other. Makes me scared that people actually think what is on TV is real. And I know that that upsets you too. Sorry.

The Traveler said...

It's the same way out here with the Real Housewives of Orange County. The rest of us are sitting there going "we aren't all millionares..we're also not all back stabbing, whining, privileged brats"

bonnie said...

Thank you! I was born and raised in NJ and I have never met anyone like these people. I watched one episode of "Real Housewives" and was totally disgusted-insulting to the people of NJ, not to mention Italian Americans. I only hope people can distinguish between reality tv and reality.

Lori said...

Thank you! I've lived in Oregon for eight years now and whenever someone learns that I'm originally from Jersey, all I get is: Oh, haha, isn't it New JOISY?! And isn't the mafia all over the place there?

Drives me crazy!
Love your blog, btw!

Leeanna said...

I'm from Maryland and I know what Jersey is like. It certainly isn't like these so called reality crap shows want to portray it as. These people are nothing but what my Italian friends call "Gumbas". It's their dirty little word for Italian Trash.
This garbage is brought in just to portray colorful Trash for ratings on TV. But it's not reality the way we all know it.