Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Damn, again!

Well, I did it again, waited till near death door to figure out that my ears were infected. GIGGLE

Actually, I didn't even think about it till the vertigo hit!!! Got out of bed to go to the bathroom and found myself on the floor as the whole house tilted!!!! Geeze, gotta pay more attention!!!

But it's hard since my ears are so bad now, that I don't even feel pain anymore!!!! I was feeling grouchy, not hungry, and irritable..... but the ears didn't hurt...... even after the whole world tilted. GIGGLE

Now, three prescriptions later, I'm feeling better. But I still don't want to go out on my sweet swing, till I'm sure I'm not going to go into vertigo again, so I'm wasting time in the wonderful weather sitting inside, taking my meds, and being a good girl. YUCK

I'm still tired though, and I'm going to bed early tonight to try and catch up on my sleep.

Ohhhhhh, and I have one Daffodil blooming!!!!! Yippee, where there is one, the rest will follow. Can't wait to see them all and the tulips blooming.


Oh shit, what's that...... hummmmm,

smells like pollen sneaking up on us!

Spring good, pollen baddddddddd!