Friday, March 16, 2007

Pills, pills, pills

You know, I didn't something I don't usually do. A few days ago I watched TV all day! I was board, and it was something to do.

What amazed me was the ads on TV for medications!!!! I'm talking all day long. Take this pill for blood pressure, and this one treats blood pressure and high closteral, and this one is for infections. Use this medications for this, and this one for that!!!! Oh, and don't forget that now they put all the side effects on the commercials!!!!

So, it's this way, take this stuff for this, but it causes side effects of this, so take this to counter the side effects, but that one cause's side effects, so take that other one for that..... and so on, and so on, and so on.

The sleep med's on TV are out of control!!!! HAY, TRY TAKING A GLASS OF HOT MILK BEFORE BED!!!! All those sleep meds sound good, but you should see the FUCKING SIDE EFFECTS!! And it amazes me that one of the signs of depression, is sleeping all the time, geeeeeeze, now they have meds to help you sleep, so you don't have to cope with it, and get better!!!!!!

Tell me why we over medicate ourselves!!!! Why do you do what ever the doctors say to do????????? They don't give a fuck if your taking a ton of pills everyday, they get a cut back from the pharmaceutical company's, why should they care????

What I don't understand is like the stuff for high closteral. You can treat that with diet, and eating oat meal, but they prescribe a drug that can KILL YOU FUCKING LIVER!!!!! You have to get blood tests to see if your liver is failing. And you know what...... by the time the tests show your liver is failing, your pretty much DEAD!!!!

A friend use to have migrains. Now, I know they are a bitch! But now she started taking these pills for it..... and besides having the side effect of making her a zombie that sleeps all fucking day long, they have other side effects that she has to take other pills to counter. And she doesn't even realize it!! The doctors won't tell unless you force them to tell, so people go along being over medicated, and to what end>>>>>>>

Let me tell you. They become a slave to the doctor. They take everything, and anything that's given to them.

I'm not only talking major stuff. How about the antibacterial soaps and such. Don't people realize that they are causing their body's to stop fighting, naturally, infections. Why put a cream on a kids boo boo, when you can wash it, and soak it in salt water, and NO INFECTIONS! No, instead put a cream on it that will cause them in the long run to lose their natural ability to fight infections!!!

Let me tell you if your taking more then one pill a day...... FOR ANYTHING..... your taking TOO MUCH!! STOP, CHECK OUT THE SIDE EFFECTS, AND STOP TAKING IT ALL!!!!

Sure, I take my medication for high blood pressure. High blood pressure, and antibiotic for infections and..... well, I can't think of another type of pill you should be taking, unless you have a heart or lung problem.

When you become a slave to medications, you give up your free will, and your life. Ask any older man or women that is taking a billion pills a day, because the doctor told them too. Many of these people die from taking all those pills, and the doctors just shrug their shoulders and forget about it.

I feel sorry for those people who do this. I guess it's their way of coping with life, find a sickness, get treated, over and over again...... they get the attention they crave, but they are slowly killing themselves, and they don't give a fuck! (on second thought, maybe that's the idea. Afraid of committing suicide, they allow the doctors to kill them!)

And now with all the commercials on TV telling you to take this for that, and that for this, it only enables people to keep up all the pills and sickness. Pharmaceutical company's are out of

But, in the long run, it's our fault. We go along with all this, and take more and more stuff. "Big Brother" isn't watching you...... he's controlling your health both mental and physical!!!!