Saturday, March 03, 2007

Nice day, HARD WORK!

Well, It was nice today, so I started my day with moving the 2 rockers and the tables from between the blueberry plants.

Then I put the 2 new HUGE pots there, and filled them with soil. The soil bags were the WORST!!! They weigh 50 lbs each, and the soil is wet in them from being outside, so I had to drag them to the pots, and by putting in little by little, I managed to fill the pots without lifting the bag!!!(That's not to say, there is no way I could have lifted the bag anyway!!!)

SEE, THIS IS THE ONLY REASON THE GODS MADE MAN!!! TO LIFT HEAVY STUFF, BARBECUE, AND FUCKING DO WHAT WE TELL THEM TO DO!!!!! Wish I had one, for even one weekend! But, until then, I do the lifting, and it SUCKS!!!

Then I put out the split pot around the light post, and used the rest of the soil from those two HUGE bags, to partially fill them.

I still need at least 2 more bags of the soil to finish the split pot, and the tomato pot (that I have to buy).

Now I have... in a row.... blueberry, asparagus, 2 smaller pots, horseradish, and then a blueberry again. I also have 2 pots for the artichokes....

BUT I FORGOT THE TOMATOES!!!! So I need another pot to plant those..... so off to the store again... geezzzzze!

The bamboo is doing fantastic in the front of the house, but I forgot that I had planted a smaller Black Bamboo plant next to it, and the taller one just overpowered the smaller one..... even though that one grew like crazy last summer too.

So, me with my magnificent brain, decide to DIG UP the smaller one, and move it. Well folks bamboo is ALL ROOTS... BIGGIES!!! After about an hour of digging, tugging, and cutting roots, up it came. Easy? Fuck that, never moving them again!!!

I took the black bamboo plant all the way to the back on the side, and planted it on the corner of the house, on the side, but still the back. Down by the bird bath with the plants around it. I think it looks good, and it can grow all it wants to and have plenty of room, since I don't do much back there anyway.

So that's it for today, now I wish it would get cold again so I don't have to go outside and do anything.

Only the swing to put up, and Matt is going to do that tomorrow for me.

I just have to make sure it leaves enough room to drag the garbage cans around when I'm putting them on the road. Can't drag them thru the stones, too hard, so I have to leave a nice path on the cement to drag them to the front yard.

Once the swing is up, and I find a pot for the tomatoes, and fill the pot, and finish filling the split pot in the front, I'M DONE!!!!

And if you believe that.... then I turn 30 on Monday, and I'm a size 2, and I'm a virgin!!!! WHOOOPEEEEEE!!!!!


Dreamers Night said...

Hey I beleive 2 out of those 3...but hey 2 out of three aint bad....