Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Some Spell Aids

To Receive Nature’s Aid:

In the Spring, make an amulet and inside put fine dirt. Wear this about your neck. Wear a loose, flowing robe of green. Do not bind up your hair, wear shoes or any kind of cosmetic or artificial scent.

Take a small tree you have purchased or some seeds and go to a large open field. Carry a large container of water with you and water some of the flowers in the field. Then plant the tree or seeds, water them and say:

I feel power all around me – The great movement of the universe.
And I see the mighty and the miniature Miracles about me.
Then I must also feel and see
The insignificance of human frame And the limits of my power.
Yet I see my place among the Flowers and the creatures of the field.
And so I kneel in obedience And give myself to you.

Then lie flat in the clearing and after a period of meditation, arise and put a mark of dust upon your forehead. Find three leaves and put them in your hair. Sleep that night with the window open. Good favor should be gained.

If your husband is not as ardent as you’d like, put a pine cone under his pillow. Turkey bones are another old favorite for this. (No Wonder he’ll move over to your side of the bed!)

For Psychic Dreaming:

On the first night of the full moon, combine Mugwort, Patchouli, Cedar shavings, Oak Moss, ground Cardamom and Lavender. Lace them with oil of Patchouli, Wisteria, Lemon Grass and Sandalwood. Pour the mixture in a glass jar or bowl along with a small cleansed crystal and cover it. The jar should be set outside where it can catch the moon's rays. Be sure to bring it in again before the sun comes up. Do this for 3 nights in a row.

Use the mixture (crystal included) to stuff a small pillow case made of muslin. This can then be inserted into a cover made of black, deep blue or purple velvet. Trim the pillow with fringe or tassels and, if you wish, embroider a pentagram, crescent moon, small stars or runes on it.This Magick Pillow may be placed by your regular one on a night when you wish to have a Psychic dream. Be sure to keep a journal and pen next to your bed along with a candle or oil lamp to record the visions that will come.