Saturday, March 10, 2007

Shop till you drop!

I was planning to go to Englishtown today, but plans changed.

Eileen wanted to come over and give me my birthday presents..... cool! She got me some lights for the patio, red crabs, and a seashell wind chime, and a starfish glass dish, and a tin colorful crab for hanging. Really nice.

And we went off shopping. Goddess I'm pooped!!!! We hit AC Moors, Burlington coat factory (where I bought a FANTASTIC winter coat. Full length, fake fur, black, nice, nice, nice) Then to Denny's for lunch, Dots, Marshall's, TJ Max, and last, but not least, Pier One.

I'm totally EXHAUSTED!

But I got some nice summer t-shirts at dots, and that's it besides the coat. I'm a happy camper! Sometimes it feels good to just shop!!!!


Dreamers Night said...

One of the best winter therapys is your spring/summer shoppping...Me I got new shoes~