Friday, March 09, 2007

Last of the gardening supplys

Went to Home Depot this afternoon, with Matt, and got the last 3 bags of Miracle Grow Moisture holding potting soil! This stuff is fantastic!!!! If you grow things in containers, you have to get this!!!

I have a few containers without it, regular potting soil, and a few with the Mosture controll stuff...... and the ones with it don't have to be watered every single day, sometimes only once a week, and the ones without it I water every day, and sometimes more!!!

So all my pots are getting changed to Miracle Grow. It's more expensive then regular potting soil, but the money you make up in time, and water! And really it's not that expensive for the size of the bag.

Also got the pot for the tomatoes.... so I'm all ready.

Tomorrow I'm thinking of English Town, if it's nice enough, and while I'm gone, hopefully, Matt with put together my swing!!! Yippee
I'm going to try and do most of my herbs in one large pot, but I still have the Rosemary and lavender planted around the bird bath, (and it looks like they came thru the winter just fine!) and I have Lavender and Sage in the front around the new arch.... so there aren't too many herbs I need to plant yet. I may do Dill, Parsley, and some Mint in the planter. I haven't decided yet.
And I started Chamomile and Bee Balm in planters in the house already, when the weather gets warm I'll put the pots outside on the shelves and let them grow