Friday, March 23, 2007


Almost all the ice is gone now, and the temps have warmed up nicely! I did have a few mortality's in the ice storm. One of my little glass side tables bit the dust when a chunk of ice fell off the roof and hit it! It's been outside for almost 8 years, but the ice smacked it just right and the glass shattered. Oh well, time to get a new one.

Besides that, my big planters in the front of the house are starting to crack. Thought they were 100% cement, but seems they are Terra cotta covered with a cement finish. Sucks, but Terra cotta doesn't last long out side in the winter, and this is at least the second winter they were outside. But it's cool, I should get the summer out of them before they crack apart, next year I'll get another set.

I have only one thing left to buy. I need a beach umbrella. I've done without in the last few years, but it limits my time at the beach by like 2 hours (before burning to a crisp) so I want to get a nice umbrella so I can spend the day at the beach, and not just a few hours. I grew up spending the whole day at the beach, but mom had a nice umbrella so that you could sit and enjoy, with out burning. Gotta get one. GIGGLE

Besides that, my peas are in, should be showing signs of growth in a few more days, and my plums are planted. But so far I haven't gotten the rest of my plants from Gurney's, but I expect them by the end of the month.

Oh, Shore Leave DID cash my check! So I'm assuming we're in! though they still didn't send me anything, I think the women who runs the dealers room is a total fucking idiot! But as long as I get a table I'll stop myself from telling her what I think about her, at least until after the convention, then I'm gonna let it rip!

I have a cool craft project for selling at the con, not going to tell anyone yet what it is, but I love them! And hopefully they will be unique enough to sell at the con. GIGGLE, but if they don't I'll keep them because they are soooooooooo CUTE!

Matt is busy arranging his trip to China. Feels weird that he's actually going, at least so far! I'm going to be so board at home with out him here, but the opportunity is too good to pass up. Studying at one of the worlds famous Chinese university's? I'm keeping my mouth shut, but I think he would be an idiot to pass it up!!! So, I'm pretty sure he's going to go. I'm leaving it all to him to arrange and fix, he's old enough to do his own thing, and I'm not going to interfere at all. Let him work it all out.

Boy, that's going to give me a ton of free time!!!! Not having to drive him back and forth to school will be a shock to my system, and pocket book!!! (gas prices suck!!!!) Just think about how much I'm going to save on food alone!!!! GIGGLE


Dreamers Night said...

Hey I think I may have a beach umbrella some where, let me take a look before you buy one..Kay..