Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Planting time?????

My son took me to Red Lobster for my birthday! And I'm super stuffed!!!! But it was cool. And I got cards, and phone calls and promises of more birthday lunches to come!

Unfortunately with me driving Matt to school and back every day, it's kinda hard to set up plans during the week. But, the weekends are good.

Not that I'm complaining...... having him on the Deans list, and making something of himself is the best thing that could happen, but still, I wish I didn't have to drive back and forth, or sit in the parking lot, day after day.... but I guess it's worth it in the end. And at least this year he doesn't have class's on Saturday, like before. It cramps my time, but I wouldn't give it up for the world!!

Some people didn't understand at first, how I could spend so much time taking him to school, and sitting in the parking lot waiting for him, but you know it was all worth it! Only people with kids can understand that you do all, and everything you can for them, even if it's not what you want..... your not the important one THEY ARE. I get tired of people who have no kids, like my sister, who don't understand that what you do for them is your life! It doesn't matter if you don't have a life because of it....... they are what counts!

And the rewards?????? Seeing a high school drop out, getting straight A's, and being on the Deans list!!!!!!

Jamie said when they come up, we're going to Outback. Cool. Mary and I used to love the place!!! The baked sweet potatoes are to die for!!!!!! I haven't been there in years, hope they still have them!

As usual, for the 30Th year in a row, my plants arrived during the coldest time of the winter! It seems Gurneys idea of proper planting time, cause's winter to come back full force!!!! But, that's OK, I'm used to having plants, sitting in water, waiting for the weather to clear.

The rest of the order didn't come, but should be here in a few days, or maybe next week

The bush plums arrived yesterday. They are native to the shore region, bush size, plum tree's. I had them before, and while the plums are small, they are super yummy and flavorful!!!!! This time, I'm actually planting them in the proper soil, so they should really grow nice!!!!

Jamie told me that Morganna is being registered for school this week!!! WOW Kids grow up fast!!!! But, this will be great for her, since that means next September, she'll only have the baby at home during the day! I remember how excited I was that I could go to the bathroom without 2 kids standing outside of the door talking to me!!!!!! She's going to enjoy this!

The wind is making my allergy's pop up BIG TIME! I'm so sick of the wind!!!!!!! But, I know it will stop soon, and the warm weather is on the way!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!


Mary said...
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Dreamers Night said...

funny they told me 2-4 inches of snow tommorow, that doesn't seem warm...and it's 20* right now...with a windchill of negative 10...Happy Un-Birthday..,.presents and dinner are to follow....lots of presents!