Sunday, March 11, 2007

Messing around with the Patio!

I've been putzing around outside. I tried to make a conversation area on the patio.

The swing is right across from the chairs and fire place, so people can sit and talk in the evening. And the fire place burns real, so you have the crackling fire, and seating enough for 5 people!

You have to imagine them facing each other across the patio!

I can't take up too much room, since I need a clear path to move the garbage cans down the patio, and out to the front. So putting things on an angle doesn't work........ the can's won't fit, and taking out the garbage is kinda important. LOL I could bypass that, by moving the cans to the front of the house.... but who wants to see the garbage cans??? Not me. LOL

The swing folds down to a full bed!!!!! Cool if you want to lay around and maybe even take a nap!!!

As you can see the planters go straight down to the car, and then I'm putting some of the planters.... the tallest growing things, like tomatoes, in front of the car to block that view when your sitting outside. I'll stick another planter there to totally block the view of the car, and maybe put beans or some high vining plant there. No one says I have to look at my car when I'm trying to relax outside! Just as long as there is a small path on the side, so I can continue taking the garbage cans out to the curb.

Now, I'm not saying I'm done yet..... I'll still move things around till I get them where I want them. GIGGLE


Dreamers Night said...

I Love it, It looks perfect like that! Nice, and comfortable.