Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas and Chiller

Well, all in all it turned out to be a pretty good Christmas. I never did get my HO HO HO on, but I managed to turn down the Bah Humbug a bit.

Yesterday I went to Eileen's for a while, Aunt Harriet, the one remaining aunt, was visiting, so I took off. Food, Fab as usual! I tried my best to keep Aunt Harriet away from Eileen.... She was stressed that Harriet would start something with her...So I kept her away, but she had fun talking to Harriet's friend.... So I think her stress level went down quite a bit. LOL

I'm going to a Convention at the end of January with her.... Called CHILLER, it's a Horror con......! I know, I haven't been to one before, old habits are hard to break, but I decided to try this one and see how I like it.

The good thing is the time it's held!!! January is the absolute PITS for me!!!! Too cold to do anything, can't garden, dark nights, yuck, yuck, yucky!!!! Usually I send January being board, and pissed, and depressed..... So you can see this convention is a good thing!!!

Dec.- Is the holidays, Feb. - All the gardening catalogs start arriving, March - spring cleaning, and some gardening..... But in January I just sit and bitch. GIGGLE

I actually have something to plan on, and do, during the coldest darkest month of the year!!!!!! So now I'm actually doing Shore Leave stuff! Checking my suitcase out (oh yitch...Found food in it from shore leave in July!!! But only crackers and stuff, so at least no rotten stuff. GIGGLE) And deciding what to wear and bring with me! So I have all January to play with packing and stuff, and that should keep me well occupied!!!!!! NO JANUARY BLAHS!!! Hopefully

I hope I like it!