Sunday, December 24, 2006


Well, I know I'm not in the holiday mood. And I don't have a frigging clue why?? My house is all pretty, decorated really nice, I'm going to Jamie's for Christmas, so I'll see the kids.... And then Eileens for dinner with Aunt Harriet....But it still doesn't feel like Christmas.

I think maybe it's the weather. I guess people who move to Fla. Have the same thing going on. It's just too warm to be Christmas!!!!!! But you know, it's one Christmas out of a zillion....So I will cope. GIGGLE And at least I won't have to worry about snow for the long ride to Jamie's!

Besides, I've finally agreed to go to a convention with my sister. It's Chiller, and it's at the end of January. Now you gatta know, January is the total pits for me!!!! It's the worst of the winter months, at least for me. Febuary and March I start planning my garden, and buying stuff for it....But what the fuck can I do in January????? Nothing but suffer thru it. LOL

By Feb. I'll have picked out my new outdoor swing, picked out the plants I'm putting in....And in March I'll order the stuff I need from a catalog, PLUS, all the garden shops start opening. The last day for frost in NJ is April 11, so I can plant, peas, spinach, lettuce.... All in March. See!!!!!! I'll totally be busy! GIGGLE

So going to the con will give me SOME thing to do that month!!! I can plan what to take, and what to wear. That always amuses me. LOL Plus, it's just a short hour drive away!!!!! That's super fantastic!!! I'm used to conventions that take me thru 3 states, and take at least 3 hours to drive too, if not more! So I can hack the drive, and the NEW convention

I've never been to a Chiller con. It's for horror fans. THAT MEANS NOT ME!!! LOL I can't stand the gore, so I watch very few horror movies, but what the hell, maybe new people, new faces, a new hotel......Could be the start of a new thingie for me.....So I'm crossing my fingers, waxing my axe, and getting ready to new, and scary experiences. LOL