Saturday, December 16, 2006

I'm BACK!!!

Ohhhhh, and I'm soooooooo relaxed!!! It was just wonderful. Nice and warm. I walked the beach, and picked up sea shell's and some really cool driftwood, and breathed in really deeeeeeeeeeep!!! I feel 100% better!!!!
I checed out some of the Arcades, and spent a few quaters trying to win a prize, and looked in a few of the stores that were open, not really buying anything....but this is a good time to get all the summer shit..REAL CHEAP!! But I didn't see anything that grabbed me. It was just so nice to get to the shore!!

And that got me thinking...... I really haven't had a party,party here since I moved here. I had a girls night, and a house warming, but not much else! Just too much to do, and not enough money.

So walking the beach, I was thinking. Here I live right by the ocean, and the biggest boardwalk in NJ, and I'm not thinking party??? Summer, beach, boardwalk, fishing.....geeeeeeeze I'm a total dope!!!!

So I made up a sample flyer for a party this summer.... No date yet, just an idea:: so far. GIGGLE

Want to go to a REAL Shore Leave??? One that’s actually at the shore?

Come one come all to Judi’s 1st annual summer

What’s to do: Spend the day at the beach. Wonderful Sea Side Heights, NJ.
(only a 18 minute drive from my house!!)
Lay out in the sun all day, swim in the blue ocean!!!
Walk the 4 MILE boardwalk, full of Arcades, Games,
(spin the wheel and win a stuffed doggie, use the claw machine to snatch a toy!!!)
Tons of store’s, and of course Food, Food, and More Food
(sea food, sausage sandwich’s Pizza, Ice Cream, Beer!!! And much more!!!)

Tons of RIDES, RIDES, RIDES!! From the huge to the small, rides to suit everyone!! Stay home, and barbeque on the patio
Spend the day Crabbing off the dock, or deep sea fishing!!!
(I have some crab nets, but bring your own fishing gear)
Watch the sun rise over the ocean!!!!
Go to the boardwalk at night!!!!!
Get sunburned, and wind blown!!!!
Clubs, and bars galore. Including the world famous “Yakitie Yack” There’s always a recording star or two hanging out there!!!!
Put Sea Side Heights, NJ. Into your search engine, and check it all out!!

Disclaimer: Beach cost is $5.00 a day for an all day pass.
There are large bathrooms, and rentals of umbrellas, boogie boards, and more.
Parking in large lot cost from $10 - $20 per day, but it is for all day parking
(I do have an 8 passenger van, so some of you can ride along for free)
There are also tons of Metered parking spaces, for those of you who just want to spend a few hours at the beach, or walk the boardwalk at night!
Bring money to spend on the games, and rides and store’s at the boardwalk!!!
BRING FOOD!! My house is free, and I’ll have food, but you should bring booze, snacks, soda’s…. and for those of you who love to cook, make a dish or two and share with all of us. Hamburgers and hotdogs always welcome!!!!
Sleeping spaces are first come first served, bring your pillow, sleeping bag, or blow up bed

Hopefully I'll get some responce. I dont' care how many people come, I've had over 100 sleeping on my floors in past party's. So I sent out the sample to some friends to get an idea if anyone is interested, and we shall see. After all I have the whole FRIGGING WINTER to plan it. GIGGLE