Sunday, December 31, 2006

Who are you calling superstitious???????

Not me!!!!! Heavens to Betsy, not me!!!

Ok, here's what I did. Since my mind is only released when I sleep, I cleaned my bedroom, good! I washed the sheets and blankets, in regular detergent, but with a cup of salt added to clean off all the bad aura's I emote in my sleep.

Then I cleaned and dusted the whole house.

Then I had a wonderful dinner of Pork Chops (Russian's say you have to eat pork on New Years eve, for luck)

Then I filled the bathtub with hot, hot, hot water, and a ton and a half of salt, and I washed my aura clean..... Making sure I submerged in the water to get all of me clean.

Then I put on my RED underwear (red underwear on New Years Eve, brings luck in love all year round)

GIGGLE Now, I'm done, clean, both physically and my aura.... And I'm ready for the new year to happen.

Me superstitious????? Nah, NEVER. GIGGLE