Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm writing a play!

I've decided to write a play. It's going to be called.... "Mary's attention seeking phyco drama"! Cool name isn't it?

In it I'm going to be a women who craves attention, any kind of attention. She's in her 30's, but has been doing this for years and years.

First she faked having ashma for years and years, needing her meds, going to the emergency room during conventions, making people fuss over her constantly. Makes her boyfriend lose his high paying job at the post office, by insisting she's too sick to move, and he must stay home and care for her. Ruins his life, but what the hay, she's the important one, isn't she?

Then it was "I'm blind" Bad eyesight too the point that she used a white cane, and soaked the school for the blind of lots and lots of money for retraining her. But at the same time, can pick out a tiny speck of dust at 100 yards, and tell you how it's shaped, and it's color.....But she's blind. Sigh, must be one of those weird blindness that comes and goes. Yet when she wants attention, out comes the sunglasses, and white cane. (sob sob, my family is afraid of me, they don't understand!!)

Oh dear, and lets not forget about the MIGRAINS! The horrible headache's that she gets when she doesn't want to do anything. Of course, all the symptoms of these Migrains, don't match any symptoms that other people have of the same thing. They actually match sinus headaches, but what the hay, more medication for Mary!!!! Oh and it's amazing how she answers the phone, plainly dying of the horrible migrain headache, and 2 seconds later is talking normally, laughing and giggling.... Another wondrous miracle!!!! Of course, these come and go too!

Oh and add in a sprinkling of "I'VE BEEN ROBBED!" Actually more then a sprinkling. Lets see...... She told me 2 times that her boyfriend (David) stole all her jewelry and sold it!!

but she kept going back to him, even though he did that to her.... And when questioned why she kept going back to someone that robbed her...She spit out that she had an "inoperable brain tumor" and no one else would have her.

(by the way, while having tests for her "seizures" she forgot about the "brain tumor" and told everyone that she was fine, no negative test results...Wonder what happened to that nasty tumor??????

She was robbed at least 3 times in her old apartment, at least 2 times at shore leave (the hotel gave her free food, and all the money that she was robbed of back to her), and about 2 times at her house. Hummmmm

Oh dear, I forgot to mention that she has this "thing" about police men. She loves police men, collects all kinds of patches from every police station she see's and even sleeps with a coat that a friend of her who's a cop, gave her! Hummmm, interesting isn't it?

Then she decided that she was having seizures, the operative word was SHE decided, not that the doctor told her, because she had all kinds of tests and the doctors told her....YOUR NOT having seizures... So she had to give that up, but not till she soaked it for all it's worth, called all her friend and family and talked it up for weeks. But I guess when she finally spent a fortune on medical tests, and they found NOTHING, she had to give it up.

Then she was lonely again, no one was paying attention to her. Her lack of bookkeeping skills, and a major spending habit that she couldn't control, caused her to lose her house. WOW!!!

Now she needed an excuse for that, since every one who knows her knew that she was the one who caused it, buy spending money she didn't have, refinancing her house with company's that took advantage of her and gave her extra money that she spent in just a few days on her "pretties"

She even got a HUGE check from social security, over 17,000 dollars..... More then enough to get caught up on her mortgage, and with even a lot left over to do some repairs around the house, but instead of paying her mortgage, she went thru the money in less then a week!!!!

To her friends, she told them it was for medical bills......But Mary forgot that she was on Medicaid....... And what bills NOT paid by Medicaid, don't need to be paid!!!! What? Did she forget about that???? Guess so, at least she hoped every friend, except one, didn't know that fact and she could blame medical bills on everything!!!

She had NO MEDICAL BILLS, that Medicaid didn't pay for!!!! But told everyone she did. And her lament "I KNOW IT'S NOT MY FAULT WE LOST THE HOUSE!!!!! But unfortunately it was.......sooooooooo, now she need something new.

And without years of physiotherapy, and doctors, and hypnotherapy.....With out even seeing a doctor at all..... Mary has decided she has MPD. For those who don't know it's Multiple personality disorder.

Yepper, all those years of NOT seeing a therapist has really paid off....She was able to self diagnose herself, and even was able to name, and tell you everything about each of her personalities. HOW WONDERFUL! Knowing that MOST people never even know they have different personality's, or they go to therapist and doctors for years and years before finding out. Miss Mary was able to do it all on her own!!!!!! IN JUST A FEW SHORT WEEKS!!!! What a special women, don't you agree????

Now I can't tell you how this little DRAMA will end yet, but I'll tell you that it will involve people becoming wise to her, and dropping her like a hot iron, her husband leaving her when he finally has enough of her shit, and her becoming homeless, and having to actually work to support herself!

I may even add her being arrested for fraud, when some of the people she has bilked over the years for money, realize they have been duped. Yes that may add a nice ending to her little story. Maybe even social security, witch pays her a fortune each month, will investigate her because of a "anonymous report" and she'll have to pay back years of money....Well I'll think about it all, and let you know how this play is going to end...... I can think of a few wonderful endings

Well, what do you think? Will I make major money with this play? Or when all the facts are out, will it be too unbelievable to everyone, and flop??????

Disclaimer: "this story of course does not reflect or involve any real people. "Mary" and "David" are factious personality's and are not shaped from the experience of any REAL people, and no cops will be hurt in the production of this play. All jewelry used in this play with be robbed, and then sold back to a jewery store for the money. And of course any doctors mentioned in this play are purely the imagination of the writter, and cast, and are not real in any way!?


Anonymous said...

wow unbelievable, but your forgetting one of the main characters, the one that has been instigating all of this wonderful stuff...lets just call the fat disgusting one Stephen..and you've got yourself a hit on your hands.