Saturday, December 02, 2006

Survival for Dummies

I've been putting this together for years. From my experiences in the CAP (civil air patrol) and the military. This is what you need to survive in case something bad happens. I recommend the first part, the back pack, be put together for each family member.

I'm going to post bits and pieces of the book that I'm writing. So you may have to keep reading to get the rest of it. I'll post what I have, in segments, so not to over kill the blogger spot.


Ok, this isn't really hard, this is all you need:

Go get a backpack. I know, I know those sporting goods stores have some really nice ones, all aluminum frame work and waterproof. But they cost a fortune. If you really want one of those, go for it, but it your a poor mug like me, try going to K-mart or Wal-Mart and getting a nice big back pack. like a high school student would use. Go for something in nylon or denim, don't go for those fake leather ones. It's not worth it.

While your at it, pick up a couple of cans of some waterproofing spray, most stores carry it, usually by the shoe department.

When you get home, spray the bag inside and out side, follow directions, and put on two coats even though it doesn't tell you to do it. When it's all dried out, get ready to pack. This is what you're going to need. I'll explain each item as I go along, and how to pack it.
Now, some companies actually make up a survival back pack for you, it does run a bit of money. Around $189 for the back pack and then extra for what you want added to it, but it can be a easy way to do it. Though personally I prefer to do things my self, to make sure all I want is in it.

1. Garbage bags. Go for the heavy duty ones, the yard bags. Yes, take them out of the box, it packs better that way. You can fit 20 or 30 of them if they are rolled up

2. Twine. You can find this at most department stores,
any kind of strong twine, make sure it's thick, and strong. Or kite string, which is strong. If it comes on a roll, take it out side and step on it to flatten it out..shouldn't hurt the twine, and makes more room in your back pack.

3. Lighters, a package of bic's or some such, matches get too wet too fast, and become useless

4. Knife, go to a sporting good store and get a good, medium size knife with a sheath, tell them a black handle one, do not go fancy, and don't get a folding one. You'll regret it. Also pick up a small sharpening stone with it.

5. This is the hard one, and you may have to search sporting good stores, or even go on line for army surplus, but get chlorine pills, they are used for making drinking water safe, tiny pill, huge benefits.
HINT: When drinking water, don't put the bottle in your mouth and gulp. Close your mouth almost all the way and sip the water, allowing it to slip over the lips and down. If you gulp your mouth and brain doesn't realize that it's getting enough water and will ask for more. By allowing it to go over the lips and tongue you let the brain know that the water is in the body, thereby reducing your thirst.

6. Salt. Now this is going to be the heaviest thing you carry, but believe me you'll be glad you did. Take as much as you can, in a heavy duty zip lock bag or plastic container. (don't keep it in the paper containers it comes in, that will get wet and soggy, use plastic!) Make sure you use only IODIZED salt. Iodized salt can help combat the reaction to radioactivity, plus will help you keep your energy and immune system up and running

7. fish hooks..DO NOT GET ONES WITH BARBS. Get the barb less ones, and while your at it, a spool of fishing line, and one or two small lead weights.

8. A bottle of aspirin, and one of non- aspirin, you need both so don't get smart and get only one.

9. a hand held can opener You know, the type you have to twist, and while your at it get a regular bottle opener/can opener also)

10. one fork, one spoon, one steak knife, metal, and one heavy unbreakable plastic plate

11. socks!!. Try to stuff in 3 or 4 pair (I don't care if you never before have warn socks, bring them!!!!!) And get COTTON mens socks, not fancy fufu socks!

12. Boots. Go to the men's department (even if you're a woman) and get a pair of steel toed work boots. (Again no matter how water proof they say they are, spray the shit out of them with water proofing.) if you can't afford boots, get a pair of hi-top, sneakers and again spray the shit out of them with water proofing spray (these just keep by the backpack, they don't need to go in it) Try tying the laces to the back pack so you don't lose them if you have to run

13. Toilet paper. Try Scots, it really does last a long time, go outside and step on it and flatten out the roll, the paper still works but you should be able to fit in a couple of rolls that way.

14. Levi's a good solid well worn pair or two, wash them over and over and make sure they fit good and loose, use a good leather belt.

15. A pair of long johns, or thinsulate long underwear and top. Two if you can fit them in. (pack them in plastic or zip lock bags)

16. a good pair of gloves, leather is good, thinsulate is good too, both leather and thinsulate is even better

17. a small note book

18. Some flannel shirts, long sleeve, ( yes women also. Men's clothing is more durable and longer lasting then women's, when your on the run, fashion is not an issue, warmth is!)

19. one or two cotton undershirts. Wearing layers in the winter is always a good thing. Also add some good cotton underwear, and lady's don't forget one or two bra's.

20. small sewing kit (make sure it has "cotton" thread, and an assortment of needles)

21. one medium size pot, aluminum or some other light material, make sure the handle is detachable and heat resistant. Camping good's stores a good source of them
(You can fill the space of the pot with energy bars in the foil wrapping and m+m's in the plastic containers)

22. medications that you take, antibiotics that you'll uses (hint: if you have prescriptions that you have to take, go fill them, then pretend that you left the prescription at a hotel while on vacation, or while visiting someone, and get another supply that you can squirrel away. Calling your doctor and saying damn, I forgot my pills in the hotel always works. Faking is imperative. Pretend to be coughing and sneezing and all stuffed up, get a prescription for antibiotics. The easy ones like Penicillin. Fake an ear infections (more of this later)

23. Antibiotic creams, creams for itching,
Benadrylle. Something for allergy reaction THIS IS IMPORTANT! Your going to be going into the woods, anything from bugs to poison Ivy. Not scratching yourself to death is good (and yes, scratching itches can cause you to die! They can become infected!)

24. A heavy overcoat, quilted down is good, make sure it winter style and really warm (of course don't put this in the backpack, just make sure it's hanging right next to it!!!! don't pack it away in the summer, even if it's 100 degree's out...BRING IT WITH YOU!)

25. canteen, yes good ole boy scout canteen (tie this to the straps of your backpack)

26. Rice, lots and lots of uncooked rice! Fill the gaps in the pack with baggies of it! When food is rare, and hard to find, rice will fill and give you vitamins!

See, not a whole lot of stuff, you should be able to stuff it all in a nice size backpack. In a futer posting, I'll give you the reason's and use's for everything you packed.