Saturday, December 23, 2006

Lights out!

I'm so pissed!!!!!! I didn't get to see the new episode of Monk, or the season finally of Dr. Who. Last night, around 9pm the lights went out!

First I lit some candles, and then Matt, and his friend John who was over, walked down to the highway. The whole park was dark, and when they got to the highway, it was dark as far down as they could see!!!! And that's quite a distance. Cops were out manning all the stop lights, so what ever it was, it was a biggie.

I'm thinking major accident that took out a power grid, but who knows.

Now you got to consider that we've gone thru Nor'Easters, giant wind storms, and never lost power.... Yesterdays..... Nothing bad in the weather front.... And BOOM, no power. I guess I'll have to wait till later to see what the newspapers say.

But nevertheless, the power went out, around 11pm I finally decided just to go to sleep. Now comes the complications....Giggle.... I have a select comfort bed...It's an air mattress, most of the time super, super comfortable.

I sleep at a setting of 35-40, and every morning I wake up, crank the bed up to 100 so that it can be made, you know the sheets and stuff. I don't put it back to the 35-40 till I go to bed. So when I went to crawl into bed in the dark....The bed was set at 100.......... And without power, you cant work the bed!!!! Ouch, ouch ouch, hard as a rock!!!! But I managed to swarm around and find a comfortable, hard, but comfortable space

Somewhere around 12, the power came on, and I went out of the room to check that everything was off, lights and stuff, and then I set the bed and went to sleep. Then again around......... Well since the clock was off, I have no idea, but the power did go off again.

But at least It's back on this morning

When I find out what happened, I'll let you all know.