Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Why do people do it? Why do some people take something and run it to the ground, make it the only thing they think about, live for, and covet? I was wondering about that this morning......yewwwwwwww deep thoughts first thing in the morning.....gotta switch my's waaaaaay to strong!!!

But really....why? Now I'm not completely free of this sin. I was an avid reader. OK, avid isn't the word for it, more like voracious!!! I lived to read!!! Everything and anything. I even remember grabbing a cereal box to read when I ran out of books!!! I couldn't think of anything better then to sit, nice and quite, and read a good book.

Yes, I learned a lot, experienced things that I could never physically experience...but I looked around one day.... After, once again, telling my friends to go on without me, that I was MISSING SO MUCH LIFE! So, while I still read, I watch myself, and don't do it to the exclusion of anything else

But that not the only excess. For example..... and please, I KNOW, I KNOW.....I wouldn't have so many examples, if I would pick some NORMAL friends! Sigh

OK, James, he's all about golf! Watches it, reads about it, plays it, want's all his friends to play it, tries to get any girl he's interested in to play it.... Yuck, to much!!!

Then like Chris, she lives for Drama!!!! 30 years now she's been following her hubby around, spying on him, staking out his work to spy on what he does during the day.... And when she's not doing that, she's talking about it.....CONSTANTLY! Doesn't she ever wonder what else she's missing in life, because she's so wrapped up with one thing??

And Darrence. He got into this Master/slave thing. It's all he can think about. Finding the perfect slave to take care of him! He'll never have a normal relationship...because he's so into the sex thing, he can't even imagine a normal relationship.

Ohhhhh, maybe I shouldn't mention names.......Well, the few above, are people you guys don't I'm safe. GIGGLE

Another "Woman" was into sex games, and let it take over her whole life! It's all she thinks about, does, and plays. Playing is all she has in her world. And the world is passing her by while she's locked in her room typing on the computer, and playing!

Then there's the religious fanatic!!! Oh goddess, it's all she thinks about. She goes from one church to another, trying to find that perfect one!!! But it's not gonna happen, because she's not perfect. But other then that, she has no real life!

Excess of anything is TOO MUCH!!!! Your not all one thing! You can't spend your life living for one thing at the exclusion of everything else. OK, I know some people have an excess, and they still manage to do other things....but are they actually NOT thinking of the excess, while they are doing different things! NOT!!!!

Like work, if your letting you whole live revolve around your work....THAT'S AN EXCESS!!! You can have fun, but even while your doing that....all your worrying and thinking about is work? NOT A GOOD THING!

And this one friend, kids, is all she thinks about and all she works with. Yeah, you love your kids....but you can't let them run your whole life!!! They have so many after school things they do, that she spends all her time driving them around, watching they perform, and driving them back. She doesn't have a minute to herself. Wanna go to a move?? Oh no, buffy has dance, Do do has soccer, and Duh duh has baseball camp, soccer camp, and karate! Who are you???? YOUR NOT YOUR CHILDREN... YOU CAN'T MAKE UP FOR YOUR LACK OF INTEREST IN STUFF BY LIVING THRU YOUR KIDS!!!!

Take this test and see if your an excess freak:

I think about my excess at least ___ times a week.
I go out and have fun, but I'm always worrying about my excess
I dream at night, nigtmares, about my excess
I cancel plans to do my excess
I see my friends about once a month, because I'm busy with my excess (and talking on the computer doesn't count!!!)
I plan my whole day around my excess
I have ___ this many different hobbies
I plan my whole year around my excess

If you answered any of them .... you know you have an excess, and should STOP IT NOW!!!! Go out with your friends!!!! DON'T TALK ABOUT IT, DON'T PLAY WITH IT, DON'T THINK ABOUT IT!!! Practice make's perfect, if you try hard, the excess will just become part of your life, something you do sometimes...but not all the time. You don't have to give it up.....but you have to have a life without it!!!!!!