Sunday, December 24, 2006

I forgot to add.....

I forgot to mention that Tony Todd is going to be at chiller. I met Tony like 12 years ago while at a convention. It winds up his girfriend, at the time, knew my older daughter Megon. They were horse fanatics. And we talked and became friends. After that I saw him at quite a few conventions, sat and talked, and played just a tiny bit of kissy face. GIGGLE

The last time I saw Tony, he had broken off with his girlfriend, and asked me out on a date that evening at the con...... Then all hell broke loose. I had my son Matt with me at the con, and he was underage....So I guess he was like 16.....That makes it 10 YEARS AGO!!! WOW!!!

Well, anyway, stupid, Matt, decided to have fun at the convention, and get totally DRUNK!!! I mean falling down, escorted to his room by hotel security DRUNK!!! They came and got me, and I had to rush out to go to him...... And the date never happened!!!!

But, I've learned over the years that FATE is the master, and sometimes you have to believe that there was some reason for what happened, and I'm cool with it.

Wonder if he will even remember me??? It's been 10 years, and I haven't kept in touch....So it's totally doubtful, but it would be fun if he did.... Don't you agree? Though he's most likely married now.... And I'm NOT looking for anyone, so who knows. Giggle