Friday, December 08, 2006

The worm has turned......

The worm has turned, and the cold descended. LOL But it's not terrible, but it is cold, cold, cold.

But for those of you who hate cold, remember things like apple, peach and other fruit tree's can't produce fruit next year if the weather temps don't get below a certain point. Yeh, that's right. The process of setting fruits, demands that the weather be below freezing for a certain amount days!!! so some cold is good!

And also Pollen, and mold spores ect. Will die below freezing...So if you want an allergy free winter, gotta have the cold. Without the die off, summer would be horrible, twice as bad as you've ever seen before! Killing off pollen and mold is good!

And not to mention insects!!!!! With out the cold to kill off the populations, we've had summers that bugs ruled big time!!!! You have to have that freeze kill off, or they continue breeding all winter, and in the summer....WHAM!

We do need some snow, or at least lots of rain this winter, or by spring we'll be in that stupid "drought warning!)" again, and have all those restrictions about watering the garden and such. So think lots of rain, at least, if not some heavy snow....At least a few times this winter!

Also disease microbs die in freezing weather. You may say, hay, I get tons of colds in the winter!, but that's from contact with others in a closed environment. Major disease microbs that grow in the ground and ponds, and breed in the soil, die when the weather is cold. So there is actually less chance of a plague, that doesn't involve the cold virus, from spreading

It was also reported, that people seeking flu shots had decreased, since the flu season started, like, months ago.... And so far no reported out breaks have even shown up.

I don't get flu shots. Due to a vision, or foretelling, or what ever it's called....Where I saw that major deaths, like a plague of death, was caused by the flu shots!!!!! I refuse to get the shots, no matter what....Besides, I'm allergic to eggs, so I can't get the shots even if I wanted to. But due to my vision, not gonna happen, even if I could. That's the reason I also don't drink bottled water!!!! That vision was horrible!!!!! And you may not believe in them, I'm not sure I do either, but I'm not taking any chances.

Now, as you know I'm watching the weather, since they reported this will be a very mild winter. We shall see.

But I do remember one Christmas, not so long ago, maybe 7 years, that my rose's were blooming on the vine on Christmas morning....So mild winters is not as rare as you may think..... It's just that when the "National Weather Dudes (or should we say Duds)" say it's going to be mild, it probably means major cold and snow. We shall see.