Sunday, February 25, 2007


It started yesterday, late afternoon..... now it's bloomed into a full case of Agata!!! It started out with me feeling that I had to get out! Go outside, walk, walk, walk. In my mind, I was walking across a long area.... maybe even states! Walking under the night sky. I could actually see it in my mind, walking across a field at night, just walking.... AWAY!

It slowly bloomed into a dread anticipation! Like, somethings coming, and I've got to get out!! Not anxiety, not that, but the need to move and travel... away!

Usually this is before a big storm, or something else.

Now my legs are phantom tingling, and my mind is racing, and I want to do something... ANYTHING!!!

I hate this, I guess you would call it like a 6th sense. It's unsettling.... and to top it off, it may not even concern me!!! Yep, it could be somewhere else in the state, world, or beyond.

Why does it upset me? I guess because I'm open to it. I spend a lot of time just being open to all round me, feelings, things happening, omens. And this is a bad one, though I don't know where or when, but it coming!!!

So I'm going to spend some time closing myself off to it. Trying to get it away. No, I'm not going to try to pinpoint it, I hate that, and it's totally scary.... so just getting it to go away it the best I can do. Besides, what the fuck could I do about it???? Not a damn thing. It could be as far away as China...... yeah, right I'm going to warn people about something happening thousands of miles away. I'm not a fool.

Besides, it could just be weather related. A big storm coming, or just lots of rain or snow.... so warning people isn't an option.

gotta cope!