Wednesday, February 28, 2007


The birds are doing the particular kind of chirping in the morning. You know what I mean..... spring chirping.

The, I need a mate, I'm gonna build a nest, kind of chirping! Haven't heard that all winter, and believe me, at 5 am in the morning..... I DON'T MISS IT!!!!

It's kind of cool though, means spring is here. Even with the colder weather, and the rain and sleet and snow, the birds know it's time for spring. And they announce it LOUDLY EACH AND EVERY FUCKING MORNING!!! GIGGLE

Makes me restless, I wanna go out and work in the garden, I want sun shine, and the beach. GODDESS I MISS THE BEACH!!!!!!!! I can't wait till the sand and sun is warm and the waters Ice cold!!!!!

I'm going to spend much more time outside this summer. If Matt doesn't take summer courses, I'll be at the beach at least 2 times a week..... if possible. I need the sun! My solar batteries need recharging!!!!!!


Dreamers Night said...

I saw a bird today looking for just the right twig to carry away,...thats when I said Oh boy here it comes...that was till I looked down at my feet and the several inches of snow still left in some areas.