Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Scam's, scam's, and more scams!

I am getting so tired of this shit! All the scams that are on line and in the mail are fucking nasty!!!

I'm tired of getting e-mail from my bank (who doesn't have my e-mail address!) saying that my account has seen some suspicious activity and it's frozen, click on this link to correct it! Are they fucking nuts!!!! Don't people know to call, and check on such stuff in person!!!!! NEVER CLICK ON A LINK IN AN E-MAIL!!!

And like ten times a day, e-mails from e-bay saying there is problems with my account, or that I bought something for 10,000 dollars and they are just checking to confirm the sale!!!

Hay, if e-bay was REALLY writing me, the letter would be in the messages section of my account!!!! Not in a frigging e-mail!!!! I never fall for the shit, I don't even bother looking, I just click it into the garbage. Oh, and another is that you need to update your charge card on E-bay..... well wouldn't you just click to your account, and go to pay pal and fix it, NO IDIOTS CLICK ON THE E-MAIL LINK AND FUCK UP THEIR CREDIT!!!

And how many times am I going to get a letter from a bank in AFRICA, asking for my help???? GET A LIFE BOZO'S!!!!!

But some people keep falling for the shit. Like Barb's next door neighbor got a letter saying her morgage company had sold her morgage to them. ect, ect.....

so she just starts sending them the payments!!!

Why didn't she call her first morgage company to check??? And why did she ignore the letters from her original company????? Why wouldn't you open the letters?????

Nope, 5 months down the line, she's lost her house, because her morgage company DID NOT sell her morgage to another company..... and because she didn't check........... the original company, not getting any payments..... foreclosed on her ass!!!!

The only good thing is that she actually got the FBI involved. She won't get back her house, but she may get back some money, and maybe the bastards will be closed down!!!!

So, heed my warning. Don't click on any links..... don't do anything unless you check BY PHONE, WITH THE CORRECT LISTED # IN THE PHONE BOOK!!! Don't be a victim, be a winner!!

Again, I've never fallen for this shit, I laugh at them, but too many people fall for that crap each day, and I think it's a SHAME!!!! Not on the person who doing the con, but on the idiot that falls for it!!! Smarten up people!