Sunday, February 18, 2007

Spring is springing

Well, I've already started my artichoke plants for this summer. I have no idea HOW I know when to start the seedlings........ it just seems to click automatically in my brain, and I follow thru. I have the seeds planted, in peat pots, and set in the sunny window sill. Now all I have to do is keep them wet, apply fertilizer, and re pot in bigger pots as they grow. This way, by the time it's safe to plant out doors, the plants will be nice and big. More artichokes!!!! Yehhhhhhhhhh!!!!

I also ordered Horseradish roots. I know you wondering why, but growing up Russian, horseradish plays a big part in our diet..... besides being healthy, and a great way to clear your sinus's!

Also Asparagus roots are coming.

Both of these will be planted in additional half wine barrels. Nice and big, and will keep growing in the containers for years!

In addition, I ordered a honeysuckle vine, and a Clementius vine for the front trellis. I'll plant one of either side, and may the faster grower win!

I also ordered a couple of beach plums. Now beach plums are plum tree's that are natural growers in the beach area. They don't get big, only about 6 foot high, and during the summer they are loaded with small, sweet, plums. Yummmm. I'll plant them on the side of the trailer, by the shed.... where they will get plenty of sunlight!

That will be my total planting in the yard. In the pots, I will plant tomatoes, snap peas, and of course that wonderful Japanese egg plant I had last year. And my blueberry's did fine all winter, and next year I should have tons of them!!

I do have to get some flowers. For the pedestal planters in the front of the stairs, and I bought a HUGE plastic (but looks like terra cotta) pot that is actually in TWO pieces. With a center void. This way you place the pot around a lamp post. I have a lamp post in my front yard, so the planter will surround the pot, and in it I'll place some nice summer flowers. Geraniums are my fave, but I'm going to add some Daisy's in with them to spice up the color.

Should look nice!!!

Besides all that, the only yard furniture I'm getting is an outside swing. They are covered, and some of them even unfold to make an outdoor bed!!!! I'm not sure yet what kind I'll get, I'm waiting for the stores to get more variety's out so that I can pick something nice.