Sunday, February 11, 2007


Well, today I got the Dealers packet for Shore Leave, and I filled it out, enclosed a check, and mailed it out!!!

So officially that makes me a Dealer at Shore Leave this July!!! I don't know if I should celebrate, or freak out. GIGGLE

One part of me is happy, I'm sure to make at least the price of the table back, because it was so low....... and the other part of me is whining because I won't be able to spend all my time at the bar and pool. GIGGLE

But, the alternative was not to go at all, and I still have so many friends that go there..... I would miss them. And this way, I'm making money instead of just spending it!

I'll settle down, and start enjoying my new found status, in a few weeks, maybe. Eileen will be selling her jewelry at the table, and maybe Steph, and Jamie, thou those last two haven't made up their minds yet..... but either way, just with the stuff I have, I should make up the money for the table in a day...... and that's not bad. LOL