Friday, February 16, 2007

good news, and bad news

The good news, in my opinion, is that daylight savings starts 4 weeks early this year!!!! Meaning longer days of light, always a good thing. The bad thing is that your computers aren't ready for it.

Now you can get a patch thru Microsoft..... always chancey since it tends to download major virus's while downloading updates..... that's the reason I undid my up dates on the computer. Besides the fact it's fucking annoying to get thoes update messages every fucking 5 seconds!!!!!!

You can always also click on your time stamp, and change the time!!! This is great if you don't shut your computer off all the time, like I keep mine on...... but every time you shut the computer off you will have to change the time again............ at least for 4 weeks, till the old daylight savings time starts.

Hummmm, virus's from Microsoft, or having to change the time manually....... I'd rather just keep changing the time every time I shut the computer off.............. or at least tell myself, "TIMES WRONG, ADD AN HOUR" How easy is that. LOL

Just remember to change your time..... "Spring ahead one hour" On the new date of MARCH 11TH!!!!!!!!