Thursday, February 08, 2007


I just finished doing my taxes. The last couple of years I've gone with other people to do my taxes..... and you know what I found out???? IT COSTS A FUCKING FORTUNE!!!!

Why am I giving up my hard earned, and much needed money to someone else to do my taxes???

Well, if you remember, during the summer I had to resubmit 2 years of taxes because of a goof up, and because it wasn't during the tax year...... I had to do it myself........ and you know what? IT WAS NICE GETTING TO KEEP ALL THAT MONEY!!! And not having to split it with some idiot and a computer.

I can understand if your taxes are complicated, having someone do it is the right thing.... but all I have is my annuity to claim...... so why get a refund minus about $250 dollars are more!!!

So, having the experience now, I sat down and did the sucker myself! It'll be a joy to get all the money, even if I have to wait for it to come in the mail..... what's a little wait? I don't mind at all.

But, I still get the racing heart and sweaty palms doing it. GIGGLE And I usually wind up with a bad headache, but I don't mind..... it's done, mailed, and a check will follow...... and I have plans for that money, so it's all cool.