Saturday, February 17, 2007


Good convention, wrong time of the year!!!! We checked in on Friday and the hotel is super nice,,,,,,, but as usual they were doing renovations!!!!! The most important one was that the hotel BAR WAS CLOSED!!!! They set up a tiny bar in the middle of the lobby, but warm and inviting, open to conversation..... it wasn't! Big disappointment!

But getting past that, the room and hotel were nice. But once again...... no indoor pool. Outside covered with ice and snow was the biggest..... I mean BIGGEST pool I have ever seen!!!!! It was fantastic!!!! But, again..... outside, not in. So no pool, and no bar.

The convention set up for autographs was FANTASTIC!!!! The stars, and there were like 30, were set up around the walls of the rooms, and you just waked up to who you wanted to see, and got in line. Unlike SHORE LEAVE, that makes you wait till they call your frigging number!!!!!! You just waked in, stood in line with the one you wanted to see, and boom you were done!!!! AGAIN FANTASTIC~!!!! And the dealers room wasn't shabby either. Tons of cool stuff, toys, games, jewelry, art work, clothing..... lots of good stuff

But did we stay, yes over night, but left Saturday instead of Sunday, because without the pool and bar, there wasn't much to do. But for a day trip, best that I've seen so far! The men, almost to the man, were handsome and totally trippy and goth. Yes, some geeks there, but like 5 % compared to 98% at shore leave. Lots of the girls dressed in goth too, cute short plaid skirts and thigh high stocking..... yummy!