Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Binding someone to you by spelling them is not a really good thing, matter of fact it can have disastrous results, and blackens your Karma for years, and years.

What most people don't know, is that REAL binding calls for body fluids. Like blood or other stuff collected from the one you want, and some of your body fluids also.

So, if you want a light binding spell, something to get him or her to notice you and come to you..... without lasting effects or repercussions. Here's a good one:

4 Cinnamon sticks (real ones)
Purple thread
and some black cloth

Tie the Cinnamon sticks together with the purple thread, thinking of the person you want, saying;

"One to seek, one to find,
One to bring , one to bind,
Heart to heart, me to thee:
So say I, so mote it be!

Wrap it in black cloth, and put it somewhere it won't be found or disturbed. And your done! This will bind his thoughts to you, but not bind his heart, unless love grows. But it gives you a chance to make that love grow, and that's what counts!