Thursday, February 22, 2007

patio swing

Well, GIGGLE, I got a patio swing. I know, I said I didn't have the money right now, and I was going to wait till the beginning of the month...... but it didn't cost me a penny!

I went down to look at swings at a major home store, I found one I liked. It's nice, bland (usually beige color.... they don't have anything else!!!) But it's a 3 person swing, nice and hefty, and nice cushions. And it has the added bonus of folding down into a bed! Pretty cool.

While looking, an old friend of mine came up, they were working there! We used to work together at another store, so we chatted and caught up. I was telling them that I wanted this swing, but not till next month, and she checked and found the store only had 2 of them in stock, and that was all they were getting!!!!! Don't you HATE stores that do that!!!!! Why show a item that you only have 2 of!!!!! I think it's just a fucking tease!!!

Well, before I knew what was happening..... and believe me, I didn't ask for it. They put the swing on a flat, and rolled it out the store to my car!!!!!!! Stealing? Yes. But I didn't do it!!!!! I didn't ask, I didn't even know they were going to do it!!!! Did I argue? HELL NO!!!

I may not be a thieve, but I don't argue with someone who is..... especially when it's a free bee for me!!!! I of course will punish my self for being greedy. GIGGLE But in the mean time I got a great swing, and didn't pay a cent. Cool with me!!!!!!

I don't have the time or the warm weather to put it togeather yet, so It'll stay in the back of my car till I do. When I get a nice warm day, and Matt to help me, I'll put it togeather, and post a nice picture of it for you all.