Friday, February 02, 2007

Getting rid of your winter greens

This is a little late, but next year, when Yule is over, this is the way to get rid of your trees and wreaths with the proper spell. If you insist on having a real tree, you can feel better about sending it to the garbage. Use what you can of it for potpourri and such.

To Dismiss Winter’s Greens:
All trees or boughs that have been cut and kept for luck within the house must not be cast away or scorned, but gravely burned to dust at last;

chop them fine; give them flame; offer this rhyme:

“Forgive our fire, faithful tree Warm us now, who have warmed thee.”

large portion of the trunk from each year's Yule tree is always saved to become the following year's Yule log. It is then gaily decorated by the children with ribbons and dried flowers and burned with great ceremony upon the Solstice. The fragrant pine needles are also stripped and saved for potpourri and incense.