Tuesday, December 08, 2009

grumbling around

I've been sitting home for the last two weeks, waiting for a phone call.

I filled out the paper work for my energy assistance program, and of course (this happens every year) I was denied! Since I do this every year, I KNOW I had everything filled out properly, but they said I was missing "verification"... so I called them.... and then waited, and waited, and waited.

Couldn't leave the house till they called. Not that I had anywhere to go, I just don't like not being "able" to run out if I wanted too! GIGGLE

This is kinda important to me since they pay a lot of money to my electric and gas bills, without that I would be back to having $10 left after paying the bills.... and $10 bucks doesn't buy much food for the month, so I waited

Finally I said, "fuck this", and called them again....even though the recording said not too..... I did anyway.... and 2 hours later they finally called!!!!

They just needed proof that Matt was a full time student, so I had to email him, make him email me his schedule, print it out, copy it all... and today I have to run out to Staples and fax it to them!

Now,just to be clear, they sent out a check list of what you had to send them, and as I got the paper work, I checked it off.... and the student thing WASN'T ON THE LIST!

I actually checked again after they called, and I was right, it wasn't on the list.

So it must have been something they added at the last minute! Just to freak me out, and piss me off!

But, as of this afternoon, they should have everything, and I should have my assistance. And this is a good thing!


halloween spirit said...

Thanks for reminding me just how much I hate government paperwork! :)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Ah, the lovely red tape of bureaucracy! But if it improves your financial picture, then it's all worth it!

Anonymous said...

well I guess that they think that since you need their help then you have no where to go, lol. I am just being silly, I have been down that road and not too long ago when my youngest was still home. Believe me I know that being a single mama aint for the faint of heart or queasy ummm or the impatient. lol

stay blessed and have a Magikal Yule.


Michelle said...

They always make you wait (the government, that is) oh but except for when they want their money like taxes, etc. Grrrrr!! Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Oh my Goody-Gumdrops...wash your little mouth out with soap...right now!

You said a bad word...or two...
Oh how I love you!

We have the same problem here with official crap...they make you dangle like a hanging witch...maybe they know's you is one....mmmm

Hope it's all okay...$10 is No fun for Freddy!...(it's a children's book, in case you all think I've lost the plot!)

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