Wednesday, December 23, 2009


It's only been a couple of days now, and already my son is """sighing""".

He's gotten so used to eating at school, swiping his card, and eating all he wants too, that being home and having to cook, and wait for food is a TERRIBLE BURDEN!!!! GIGGLE

It's nice having him home, otherwise I would never have had my driveway cleared, but aside from that..... he's starting to work on my last nerve!!!!

Complaints about food, leaving the lights and TV on ALL THE TIME, complaining he's board, driving the poor cat to distraction.... and so on..... GIGGLE And the personal comments....why do you spend so much time on the computer? Are you smoking more then usual? Who's that guy who called you? Why are you feeding the cat that? and on and on, and on. sigh (now that's me sighing!)

I guess, like most moms, I wish they NEVER had vacation from school!!!!! (or at least only a week or two at a time!!!!)

He keeps trying to talk me into going to stores.... a few days before Christmas???? Not going to happen. I'm done with my shopping, and I refuse to join the mobs of late shoppers thronging the stores!

So he wanders around the house, sighing..... sssssooooooooo aggravating!!!

And he doesn't go back to Rutgers till the 17th of be prepared for a LOT of ranting from me!!! GIGGLE

Oh my Goddess.... and he found out he got a freaking "B" in one class!!!! Oh no, not a B!!!!!!! It's the end of his world getting anything less then an A.

I love my kids, but being away from them when they are this old, is sooooo much nicer! :)


The Frog Queen said...

LOL! You are so funny, loved reading that! Hang in there honey!!


Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so with you there my lovely!

Mine has just asked when his dinner is ready..."Hello...can't you see I'm blogging!"

Honestly...nag nag nag...oh well time to feed them all!

Even the verification word is nagging's "ovenesse"...!!!