Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Being sick, I'm doing little things around the house.... stuff that doesn't take much movement.... of me getting off the sofa...GIGGLE

And one of those things was to clean out my makeup bag. Why do we keep all that shit??? I mean, lipsticks that you have to use a stick to get it out of the tube, almost totally empty foundation bottles.... and my favorite....4, count them, 4 different eyebrow pencils!!!! Not just different pencils, but all different COLORS!!

I have an auburn, brown, dark brown (this one was my mom's... why do I have my mom's eyebrow pencil?????), and a Blonde..... I know I tend to change my hair color allot, but geeeeeeze!

Well, I got rid of all the lipsticks that were empty, and a few that I couldn't open (old age turned them to cement) But I kept the eyebrow pencils, you never know when I might change my hair color again.... do you?

Now, I have to admit to wearing makeup all the time, but my friend Barb has never worn makeup....but her bathroom is full of it!!!! Why? She doesn't put it on....except like once every 5 years when she goes someplace special.... but she keeps buying it!

I wonder if we are brain washed?

But then again, we are just girls, and like to do girl things... even if we don't use it!

Well, I digress, that's done, my makeup bag has been washed, and when it drys I'll put all the stuff I DIDN'T chuck out, back in the bag.

Funny, how even doing little clutter removal, make you feel good!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, it sounds like your makeup bag was overdue for a clean-out! At least you're putting your sick time to good use!

Rue said...

Happy Cleaning!

I do hope you get better soon though!

VintageSage said...

Well we NEED to have choices in case one day we decide to wear makeup. Lol! I can safely say that for years I have only had a makeup bag full of, one of each, of any item....but for the last year I have started collecting. UGH!

Hey get well soon, Judith!! Sorry you're sick. :(

The Frog Queen said...

Good idea! Must go clean mine out too!!!

Get well soon.