Saturday, December 26, 2009

I HATE driving!!!!!

Really I do.... hate, hate, hate it!!!

I'm fine going locally, but driving long distance has become a major pain in my ass!!!!

I bearly visit my girlfriend Barbara because the hour drive has become intolerable! And taking my son back and forth an hour and a half to school..... is nerve wracking!!!

I didn't used to be like this, I loved driving.... but over the years I've grown to hate it more and more.

Now, I'm sitting and fussing cause I have to drive Matt back to school in a few weeks, and on top of that I have to drive to my daughters. 2 FREAKING HOURS!!!! Driving thru PA....IT SUCKS!!!!

I'm fine driving around town, going to the stores and such, that I can handle.... but the highways KILL ME!!!

Tell you the truth I've always felt that way about highways, ALWAYS, and always managed to take back roads, even if it took longer, back roads win out!

If I could go everywhere on back roads, I'll be traveling like a lunatic!

And going to Barbs and Matt's school is all HIGHWAYS!!!!

And my daughter Jamie is ALL HIGHWAYS.... PLUS THE NJ AND PA TURNPIKE!!! Ohhhhhh...... how the turnpikes scare the crap out of me!!!!!

I've spent almost every waking moment these last few days worrying about the trip to Jamie's, I can't seem to stop! Just the thought of going on the turnpikes make me shutter and have bad dreams!!!

I just can't seem to get over the fear, I've always had it.... though I've kept it well under control most of the time..... but as I get older, it's getting worse.

They drive so fast on the highways and turnpikes!!!! I'm afraid my car will break down (it's 7 years old) I fear a tire blowing out at high speeds, and me flipping, and most of all I fear the CRAZY PEOPLE on the road with me!!!!!

Sigh.... I've worried so much about it the last few weeks that I've broken out in a rash... really, a real rash! YUCK

I guess I should add, both my son and younger daughter refused to learn to drive!!!! My older daughter does great, but the other two never wanted to learn how to!!! I know, I know.... I have never understood it, but you can't force someone if they refuse to do it... can you?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Maybe it's time to start ridin' the dog, as they say (Greyhound)!

Judith said...

LOL where my daughter lives in PA, I don't think anything goes there!!!! giggle

Rue said...

And your daughter doesn't drive? Could your son take her in your car...if you trust him?

I love to drive. It's flying that gives me a rash!

Judith said...

LOL gotta tell you.... NEITHER MY SON OR DAUGHTER DRIVES!!!!! They never learned or wanted to.... so guess who does all the driving???

mrsb said...

I was a late-in-life driver and I hate it, too!