Thursday, December 10, 2009

I walk alone the paths at night
deepest Forests, shadows bright
the way is misty, watered rippled
as if tears in my eyes had tripled.

and yet I walk, and hear the voices.
loves long lost, souls remembered.
lost and alone i often wonder
if i should be walking with another?

but my course is set, my path is rutted.
sorrow grows with every step outnumbered.
hope only glows by lights round my head
tiny lights that gleam and glimmer,
leading the way past gray remember

till the night forest turns to day
I'll walk the walk, and find a way.
and if the way is never found
I'll lay my head in this forest, down


VintageSage said...

I LOVE this poem!! The picture is great too! Hope all has been well with you Judith! I'll visit more often after my move. :)

Brightest blessings...


Anonymous said...

Lovely...the imagery is sad and beautiful...