Friday, February 04, 2011

Ahhhhh feeling better.....

Today I ran out to Lowes to see if the seeds were in yet! AND THEY WERE!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPEEEEEEDDDDDDOOOOOOO!!!!!

I got some chive, dill, and lime basil to grow inside! I have a great window in the living room where I had dill growing for almost 2 years.... before I made a booboo and over watered it on day. So now I'll have my herbs growing again... I'M SOOOOO EXCITED!!!

I also picked up some tomato seeds to start inside too! Last couple of years I've bought plants, and they didn't do well, so this year I'm growing my own!!!

Just by playing with the dirt and pots.... I could feel my spirits rising!!! As I planed the seeds, I felt my connection with the Goddess growing stronger!

Winter sometimes seems to disconnect me.... the only time I feel the real power is in my garden. And doing this small step this morning, lets me know... winter is almost over!!!!


The Blue Faerie said...

Woo hoo! Go seed buying time! I'd almost forgotten about it too.

Diandra said...

I've started greening the flat as well... unfortunately I cannot put any plants into the living room, since the cats will eat them... A few days ago I brought home some rosemary and put it in the kitchen. The clock, which had been on the windowsill (why???) had to go. The BF came into the kitchen, "You cannot put the clock on the heater! It's technical stuff!"

Me, "I can't put the rosemary on the heater, either. It's a plant!"

BF [sighs, gives up, goes into his room to cry because of my ignorance when it comes to technology.]

I won! ^^

halloween spirit said...

Ahh, yes . . . . that reminds me. I have to start planning this year's pumpkin-growing strategy.