Sunday, February 06, 2011

I do crazy things this time of year!!!!

I do crazy things this time of year!!!! I know, your laughing and saying...."and this is new?" Bad ladies!

It's just these two months, January and February... I go NUTS!!!!

I'm at the end of my wits trying to find stuff to keep me occupied before I can go outside again!!!!

I re-read books, make silly doll clothing (and you all know I HATE to sew!!!)

I clean till my house runs screaming when it see's me carrying a dust mop

I pace, back and forth, thumb through a million seed catalogs, and try and find new things to do.

Really, it's "keep occupied" or scream obscenity's at the weather... non stop for hours.... sigh

I found my old fish tank.... that was fun...... almost a week cleaning it, setting it up... decorating it, filling it with water........ and then a week later.... finally getting some fish in it!! Now it's done.... and once again .... I HAVE NOTHING TO DO!!!

I keep peering out my windows... saying "I'm going to move that pot there, or that plant there, or WTF IS ALL THAT GARBAGE IN MY YARD!!!" But I can't force myself out there, cause it's just too cold and wet! SIGH!!!

And I know if I try to mush through all that left over snow, and clean up my patio... I'll feel better, but I'll probably lose a finger or two to frostbite!!!

So, I stay inside, and..... whine.... OK, there I said it.... I'M WHINING!!!!

Spring better come soon, that's all I gotta say!!!!


Fiona Whitehead said...

Love your bird - he made me laugh and I'm still laughing - thankx