Thursday, February 17, 2011

What are your neighbors like?

OK sweeties, prepare for a rant!!

Why do I always get neighbors that look and act like the picture above me??? Why????

No matter where I move, they seem to follow me like some dark cloud.

Not that they are bad people, I'm sure they aren't.... but WEIRD is the word.

The one on the left of me.... well, not only weird but PIGS!! How do I know.... for one thing their patio is outside my living room window, so It's sort of in my sights all day long.

It's BLACK with mold!!! There are weed growing thru the cracks in the cement that are well on their way to becoming trees!!!! (BTW, it's the only house on our whole street that looks like that... everyone else maintains their property with style!)

And their front door was leaking... so instead of getting a new door... or (OMG WHAT A CONCEPT!) Spending 2 bucks for weather stripping.... they decide to cover the WHOLE door in a giant sheet of plastic!!!!! yes, PLASTIC, that they taped all around... but it doesn't stop that FREAKING FLAPPING NOISE ALL DAY/NIGHT LONG!!!

Now they have a back door, that opens on grass... so they have been using that. Climbing over a mountain of snow to get to their cars, that are by the PLASTIC COVERED DOOR!!! It's been over a year now... and still no new door.

(now you have to understand, if you call the office and tell them something... like I need a new door... they will come and replace it for you!) And really cheap if not free!!!!) so that's not the reason they haven't replaced it... but this is.............

I know for a fact they have 2 cats, and two HUGE DOGS!!! Big ones, like pit bulls

(by the way... you have to get the parks permission to have dogs, and I KNOW they didn't!!!)

and it stands to reason, if they didn't get permission... how can you show your dogs????? SO THEY DON'T!!!

THEY NEVER, EVER, WALK THE DOGS!!! Or in any way let them out of the house!!!! Can you guess where the poop and pee is??? I can't!!!! And I don't want to know!!!!

And they go away for days... no one comes to check the animals, or anything, and I know for a fact during the summer they DO NOT leave the air conditioning on for the poor puppies!!!! And since my living room face's their driveway, I know they don't take the dogs with them!!!!

Besides the fact, that every morning the man goes out to go to work (when he works, and that's not often) and brings out a huge bag of beer cans for the recycle bin. EVERY MORNING!!! Who can drink that much beer??? there is only 2 of them living there... and the woman is a TEACHER!!!! Does she go to work trashed on beer every day!!!! YUCK!!

Now the only other one who bugs me is behind me on my right. They seem nice, and put a really well made screen porch onto the house.... but they forgot one thing...

THE LATCH ON THE STUPID SCREEN DOOR!!!! And for want of a 10cents hook and I... the door bangs open and closed all day and night with the wind!!!! Inside it's not to bad a sound, but then summer is coming and the windows will be open, and I know the noise is going to drive me NUTS!!!

They must hear it!!!! it's their house, how can they ignore it!!! Doesn't the banging drive them nuts!!! But, since it's been going on allllllll winter long... I guess it doesn't bother them a bit!!!

Oh well, rant is over.... I feel better now.


Diandra said...

Usually I would say, never mind - except for the animals. Someone should put animal rescue on their tracks.

Judith said...

yes, unforunatly, the local animal rescue is well know in the area for telling the person who called in on them!! they do not keep it confidential, and you can't piss your neighbors off like that! So, I blame them for a LOT of animal being hurt!

Oberon's Wood said...

Oh crack me up with your rants :o)
Glad to see you haven't changed sweet pea!

They sound just like the picture you posted...poor girl :o(
( Mind you, I used to love the Hillbillies ;o) )

Anonymous said...

How about making an anonymous call to the Animal Control?

Also, is there code enforcement in your town? I'd be all over that as well.

Finally, it does sound like your neighbors are grade-A A-holes...but my SisterWife S. has a neighbor who is literally psychotic. She actually gets a stomacheache when she pulls into her driveway in fear he will come over and scream in her face. The police have even been involved and another of her neighbors is going to Court against him.

Not that I'm negating your A-hole neighbor's assinine behavior, but at least you don't have to sleep with a bat next to your bed :::yikes:::

Anonymous said...

If there were two huge, incredibly smelly, barking dogs in the foreground, I'd swear that was a snapshot of my neighbors.