Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I'm trying!!!

I'm trying hard to wait out this winter.... before I do something nuts like dye my hair blond or cut it all off!!!!!

So I made a list of what I'm going to focus on, instead of the weather!!!!

First is this guy from Warehouse 13 who's going to be at "Shore Leave" in July, along with other yummmy stars!!!

Focusing on my summer patio garden too!!!

Ohhhhhhh, New shoes..... or just shoes without toe's!!!! SUMMER SHOE'S!!!! SIGH

Of course the Beach!!!! My fav place to be all summer, seaside heights!!!

And last, but really the most important... THE BOARDWALK!!!! Smells of food wafting in the breeze, the, click click click, of the spinning wheels, the sound of kids laughing!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sigh!

I'm going to keep looking at these pictures, and telling myself it's soon to be here!!!!


Mother's Moon's Message said...

such a positive attitude... way to go girl.. I love the shoes... they can always make one happy.. although today for me it is a good pair of boots to tromp through the snow in... I am eagerly looking forward to sandal weather... stay warm

VintageSage said...

Oh Judith, this post is so inspiring!! Thank you for coming by and giving me suggestions on how to snap out of my non spiritual me. I baked the best banana muffins a few days later..I'll post that later today and I think I will play with some seeds. :) I wish I had more indoor plants. I don't know why I don't but I may have to buy some!

Mina said...

Wonderful idea! Of course I need to stay away from the windows to succeed.

Anonymous said...

You had me until Seaside....I'm a Point Pleasant girl when it comes to the Boardwalk for rides and games....but Asbury Park is where it's at!